Friday, July 30, 2010

In the beginning

I don't know exactly when I had desires for my wife Anne to be with other men, but it was early in our marriage. I had fantasies of seeing her with other men or having a threesome with me and another man. Sometimes we would talk about having a threesome with either a male or a female, but nothing ever came of it. We would both just end up saying that we would be willing to do it sometime, but that is as far as it would get. As the years went by, my desire would grow and grow but I wouldn't tell her what I wanted.

Then last year one morning after she woke up, she told me about a dream she had. She said she had a dream about sucking another mans dick and that he had a tattoo on his stomach that she was trying to read.

" Do you know who is was?" I asked

"No" she answered

"What did the tattoo say?" I asked

"I never could read what it said" she said

We talked a few more minutes about it and the whole time this conversation was going on I was getting very horny and very hard. I let the conversation go onto other things, but all I could think about was her dream and how turned on I was about it. I went the entire day thinking about it and finally decided I was going to let her know how I felt. To make a long story short I told her how turned on I was about her dream and told her my desire for her to fuck another man.
Now to interrupt for a sec. I didn't know of the term "hotwife" yet. What I thought I was into is called "cuckold" lifestyle and I thought that I was a "cuck". We later realized that we are a hotwife couple and not a cuckold couple, but I do have desires to be cucked sometimes.
After telling her about it, I was happy to see that she seemed interested, so I told her I had been researching it lately and that I had some websites she could look at if she was interested.

Over the next couple of days she got on the websites with and without me and researched it all. Then while we were looking at a website together, she said that she would be interested in trying it out with me and that I could set up a profile on a a cuckold website that we were looking at. So she put on some sexy lingerie and I took some pics of her. I started a profile, put her lingerie pic up and posted what we were looking for. After a few days a "bull" made contact with us. He was a white professional male with experience in the lifestyle. After a few email exchanges between them they decided to chat with each other on IM.

They chatted on the IM for about a week and hit it off very well. There was definitely some chemistry between them and alot of sex talk. It was easy to see that they both were interested in each other. We found out that he lived in a city about 300 miles from us, but he travelled to our city for business about once a month and that he was definitely interested in fucking her. We all decided to set up a night to meet the next time he was in our town, which was going to be a couple of weeks. We all understood that this was just to meet each other and there was no pressure from anybody for it to go beyond just meeting. So now the long wait for those two weeks to go by. I'll tell about that encounter on my next post...